Provided for church

All activities and tasks of the church are organized and provided by the full-time church workers
Men and Women of the parish are invited to help the priest and other church workers

Pastoral Council church

The pastoral council becomes the centre of all parish activities .
Priests and other full-time workers discuss everything in the PC and work together well.
The whole congregation was invited to take part in the election of the PC.
The PC is being trained in its self understanding and tasks.
The parish priest emphasizes the fact that the PC has only an advisory role to play.
The parish priest allows the PC to take real responsibility.

Awakening Church

“Awareness Programme” is conducted during the Sunday Liturgy.
“Awareness Programme” is conducted in the homes of people.
There are men and women who are actively engaged in the task of the church community.
Are these men and women regarded as helpers of the priest?Or are they regarded as co-workers with their own responsibility.

Task Group Church

“ Tasks Groups ” share the responsibility for church activities e.g. :

Teaching small children at home.
Teaching bigger children at the parish hall.
Preparing Sunday liturgy.
Marriage encounter.
Marriage preparation course.
Committee for the youth.
Bible sharing groups.
House masses.
Visiting the sick.
Visiting the old.
Welcoming new parishnors.
Conducting the catechumen ate.

Are community ministers regarded as helpers? Or co-workers?

Communion of Communities

They do Gospel sharing.
They teach their own children the faith.
They care for the sick in the neighborhood.
They conduct Sunday services.
They collect money.
They act together against unjust treatment of people.
They act together to improve their living conditions.
SCC’s send their representatives to the PC.
They decide on baptism of children.
They take responsibility for the catechumens.
They decide on adult baptisms.
They solve the problems which arise in the SCC’s.
They conduct funerals.