TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS Opening Hymn……………………………………….. ( ad libitum )


Heart of Jesus, Heart of Jesus,
Burning with Love for me,
Inflame my heart, inflame my heart,
With Love, With Love for thee (3 times )

Opening prayer: (Prayer of st.paul- Eph. 3:14-21 )

ALMIGHTY ETERNAL GOD. Our father whom every family / in haven and on earth/ takes its name,/ We pray/ that you will bestow on us / gifts in keeping with the riches/ of your glory. May you strengthen us inwardly/ through the working of your Spirit. May Christ dwell in our hearts/ through faith/ and may charity be the root/ and foundation of our life. Thus/ we will be able to grasp fully/ with a Saints/ the breadth and length/ and height and depth/ of crest’s Love/ and experience this love/ which surpasses all knowledge / so that/ we may attain the fullness of you/ our God.

LEADER : To Him whose power now at work in us can do much more then we ask or imagine.

ALL: To Him/ be glory in Church/ and in Christ Jesus/ through all generations/ world without end. Amen.

Let us pray: (knell down)

ALL: O God/ who has mercifully deigned/ to pour the infinite treasures of your love/ in the Heart/ of your beloved Son/ wounded for our since / grant we beseech you/ that we/ who render Him our devout / homage of piety / may also make due reparation to you / through the same Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.