Church History

Sacred Heart Church traces its origins to a small rented bungalow near the old Race Course Road Ground at the end of the Victoria Road near Shoolay which was used both as a Church and presbytery. Till 1880 Indian Christians attended services at St. Mary’s Church and St. Francis Xavier’s Church. Sacred Heart parishioners were actually former members of St. Mary’s Church till Most Rev. Agustus Chevalier built a separate parish cum first parish priest.

By 1886 Sacred Heart Church was transferred to a small bungalow next to priest’s cemetery. Due to lack of space except on Sundays. Daily Masses were celebrated at the ‘Victoria Road Bungalow’ On Sundays; Fr. Cambret took his parishioners to St. Patrick’s Church for mass and preached in Tamil there. Sacred Heart parish for a short period was transferred to St. Patrick’s but the diocesan authorities reinstated sacred heart church as separate parish.

In 1893 Rt. Rev. Msgr. Kleiner laid the foundation stone for the constriction of a new church. It was Sunday 23rd December, 7.00 am when Rev. Fr. J. M. Cambret first blessed and entered the new church with his parishioners to celebrate the holy mass. That evening for the first time parishioners received the blesses or the Blessed Sacrament in the church. The first feast was celebrated in 1896.

Unforgettable in the annals of the Sacred Heart Church history is Rev. J. V. D. Souza, who was appointed Parish priest in 1922. He served for 42 years. In 1934, he built a school for boys and girls ( at Bin Secours ). He was fondly known as a doctor (since he gave medical remedies to the sick). Father and guide, Megr. ’Souza today has a circle named after him. He set up the two side altars of St. Anthony and the little Flower of Jesus, constructed a marble alter and tiled the floor. And installed the way of the cross plaques. He is known to have begun the Corpus Christ procession in sacred heart church. Fr. Paul Kinatukara started the Sacred Heart Novena in 1965. Fr. Gnanapragasam was instrumental in putting up a portico and a year later Fr. John Solomon undertook major renovation work of the church saw the historic visit of MOTHER THERESA on 15th October 1995, and a road and stage named after her .

Sacred Heart Church has grown over the years and continues to grow. To keep pace with the growing city, the diocesan authorities made a master plan to have spacious new buildings for the school and the priest house. Fr. Sagayanathan (2003-2009) beautified the church further by building two beautiful niches for Sacred Heart and Mother Mary at the portico, colorful roof, and marble cladding to the walls of the century old church.

Making maximum use of the available infrastructure Fr. Sagayanathan started Bangalore Community College and Sacred Heart Boys’ Home for the marginalized children and youth of the parish. To promote the devotion of the Eucharistic Lord, the visionary preset has built the Adoration Chapel along with a Reconciliation Chapel, Counseling center, Conference room, Staff for religious articles, and a modern Wash room. The church campus is further beautified by the new Grotto, pavement of the surroundings and ne compound wall.

Church is nit just a building but a living community, In order to promote socio-economic standard of the faithful the pastoral minded priest has empowered the faithful and started 4 active and vibrant associations – Sacred Heart Boys’ Home Committee, Sacred Heart Education Committee, Bangalore Community College Committee and Glowing Embers ( Friends of the aged and sick ) to take care of all the section of the community. These groups have their President, Secretary, Treasurer and active members respectively with separate Bank Accounts. They are doing yeomen service to the community at large.

Today Sacred Heart Church is 114 years old (as on 2009 ) with a vibrant 10.000 parishioners living in close fellowship with each other.