What is catechizing?

“ Catechism ” comes from a Greek word used in the Bible, katacheo, which means “instructed” (Luke 1:4). Catechism is a question and answer method of instruction in basic Christian doctrines; it forms a conceptual framework for personal interaction with the Scriptures. The series of questions and answers develops a fundamental understanding of God, man, sin, Christ, faith, repentance, prayer, the Bible, the church, and heaven and hell. Each answer in the catechism is supported by Scripture references.

Why is catechizing important?

Catechizing is a proven method of instruction. Generations of Christians have passed on the content of the faith to their children. The Bible places the responsibility of Christian education on Christian parents. Children trained in the catechism develop an articulate Christian worldview in an age of subjective irrationality.


Children's catechism classes meet every Sunday for 1 hour after the 9.30 am mass.

Where are the class held?

Catechism Classes are held every Sunday after a children special mass at 9:30 am in the Auditorium, followed by classes in the school class rooms.